PTFE Products from Cambridge

PTFE GIGA Boron-Free Mini-Pleat ULPA+ Filter
The World’s first ultra high-efficiency filter specifically created for the next generation of semiconductor and liquid crystal manufacturing. The PTFE GIGA brags ZERO Boron outgassing and can reduce the amount of organic contaminants on wafers to 0.05ng/cm2. Offered in low pressure drop and high efficiency models. The efficiency range is 6N – 7N at 0.1um. All GIGA’s are Silica scan tested (PSL testing available by request). Custom sizes are available.

PTFE Filter Mini-Pleat ULPA Filter for Corrosive Environments
This product is ideal for corrosive gas environments because, unlike conventional glass fiber media, no boron is generated by hydrofluoric acid reacting with the filter components. Offered in efficiencies of 6N+ and 7N+, you can choose from our low pressure drop type or high efficiency type. All PTFE filters are Silica scan tested in our factories. Custom sizes are available.
Ceil-Flo ® Aluminum Housing Ducted Terminal Module
The Ceil-Flo ® is Cambridge’s Aluminum ducted terminal filter module. These are available with HEPA, ULPA or PTFE filters to meet your specific needs. These offer convenient room-side or top-side replaceable filter designs or as a disposable unit, as well as durable but light aluminum construction, and multiple size duct connections (8″, 10″ and 12″). The Ceil-Flo ® is easily integrated into new or existing ceiling grid systems. Standard and custom sizes available.
NeoStream Fan Filter Unit (FFU) for Clean Process Tools