Beginning April 1st, 2018 Cambridge Filter Corporations historic business will now be conducted by our parent company, Kondoh Industries, Ltd.

Cambridge Corporation

Cambridge Filter Corporation (CFC) is a relatively new entity, but its technology is rooted in the fine traditions of modern air filtration technology. CFC’s designs and products are derived from technology used in filters during WWII to remove radioactive particles from the exhaust air of various Atomic Energy Commission sites, which were an outgrowth of the original Manhattan Project. In 1950 Cambridge Corporation (a separate entity from and unrelated to CFC), which was located in Syracuse, New York, was formed to manufacture and sell the then declassified filters used to remove radioactive waste. That filter was known as the “Absolute filter.” Cambridge Corporation’s filters soon became the standard for the industry. The filters sold by CFC derive their technological lineage from these early filters.

Asia and Beyond

In March of 1968, after setting the standard of quality in North America, Cambridge Corporation and Kondoh Industries Ltd. (Kondoh) established a joint venture called Cambridge Filter Japan (CFJ). Kondoh, established in 1953, had been providing contaminant arrestance equipment for years. Together, Cambridge Corporation and Kondoh introduced the highest quality filters to Japan. Kondoh acquired all of the shares of CFJ in 1991, and currently provides a complete line of air filters, particle counters and cleanroom related equipment.

Arizona, USA

Kondoh and CFJ founded Cambridge Filter Corporation in the United States in California in 2001, and in June 2002, CFC relocated to Phoenix, Arizona, where it continues to expand to meet the filtration needs of the 21st Century.

The Future

Planning for the future is an important part of CFC’s mission. Aware of the potential in the air filtration field, and ever searching for better ways to serve our customers, we continually research new mechanisms, materials, techniques and markets. Our research and development staff takes special pride in meeting the challenges of today that will lead to the realities of tomorrow. Some of our best and most workable ideas come from our customers (and their customers), enabling us to meet market needs as, and even before, they arise.