High Temperature Products from Cambridge

High Temp. Absolute Filter Separator/HEPA Filter
Applications for our High Temperature Absolute Filter include pharmaceutical manufacturing processes, high temperature drying, and sterilization. These HEPA filters’ maximum operation temperatures differ by application, and range from 150 to 230 degrees Celsius (302 to 446 Fahrenheit). High airflow volume types are available. Custom sizes are also available. For Medium efficiency High Temperature Filters, contact us.

Super Hi-Temp 660F(350C) Separator Type Hi-Temp Absolute HEPA Filter
The Super High Temperature Absolute Filter from Cambridge has raised the limit for air filtration in extreme environments and goes where no other filter can. This Absolute filter operates comfortably at 660F (350C) with minimal particle generation compared to conventional hi-temp filters and has a ceiling temperature of 750F (400C). Whether your process requires HEPA (99.97%) or semi-HEPA (95%) level air filtration, the Super High Temperature Absolute Filter produces clean air with minimal particle generation and is generally suited for Pharmaceutical, Food Processing and Research applications.