The CP Series of Air Filtration Products from Cambridge

CP Filter Separator Type Medium / High Efficiency Filter
Cambridge’s CP Filter is suitable for most applications and is often used in air circulation systems. The aluminum separators re-enforce the high strength design. The CP Filter comes in both 60% and 90% efficiencies. Custom sizes are available.

CP-J Salt Arrestor Filter Sea Salt Particle Arrestance Filter
Increase the life of your equipment by reducing the effects of corrosion due to salt. The CP-J Salt Arrestor Filter replaces conventional filters where sea salt (airborne salt) is a concern. These “salt filters” are used in make-up and return AHU applications in facilities located near oceans and in food processing applications. Average arrestance efficiency is 90%+, reducing over 90% of sea salt particles. The sturdy design is re-enforced with polypropylene separators. As always, custom sizes are available.