ChemArrest ® Carbon Filters

The ChemArrest Series of Air Filtration Products from Cambridge

ChemArrest ® Mini-Pleat Activated Carbon Mini-Pleat Filter
The ChemArrest ® CBM filter is Cambridge’s mini-pleat chemical filter for cleanrooms, fan filter units (FFUs), and other sensitive manufacturing tools. CBM filters offer long service life, low pressure drop, and minimal particle emission. They can be layered for multistage applications to arrest multiple contaminants. They are often applied with ULPA/HEPA filters. CBM can remove acids, alkali, and organic compounds. Custom sizes are available.

ChemArrest ® Separator Type Separator-Type Activated Carbon Filter
CBL is the ChemArrest ® Series’ separator-type chemical filter. It is used for recirculation, make-up and return air handling, and in cleanroom and other sensitive manufacturing facilities. Low pressure drop models are available. Custom sizes are available.

ChemArrest ® Particle Arrestance Activated Carbon w/Particle Arrestance (90%+)
ChemArrest ® CBA is a chemical filter with particle arrestance capacity comparable to 90% efficiency particle filters. It is recommended for its high removal efficiency and long service life. It is often used in recirculation applications and has an efficiency of 90%+. Custom sizes are available.