Aero-Answer ®

The Aero-Answer Series of Air Filtration Products from Cambridge

Aero-Answer ® Mate Med/High Efficiency Mini-Pleat Filter
Need a medium/high efficiency filter? If your ANSWER is yes, Aero-Answer ® Mate is the filter for you. 75% thinner than standard separator-types, they are ideal pre-filters for AHUs in clean environments, bio-medical facilities, and commercial buildings. 60-65%, 90-95%, and 98% efficiencies are available as well as custom sizes.

Aero-Answer ® Long Med/High Efficiency Doubled Service Life
The Aero-Answer ® Long is KI’s space saving, long service life medium/high efficiency filter. The Aero-Answer ® Long is ideal for pre-filtration in clean environments, AHU systems, medical facilities, and commercial buildings. They are 50% thinner than standard separator-type filters. Aero-Answer Long filters are available in 60-65%, 90-95%, or 98% efficiencies as well as custom sizes.

Aero-Answer ® Pack Med/High Efficiency Cartridge Filter
The Aero-Answer ® Pack is the ANSWER to your medium/high efficiency, space saving needs. All of our Aero-Answer ® Packs have 6-inch depth holding frames. The Aero-Answer ® Pack has easy media pack replacement with re-usable frames making it an economical choice where an incinerable filter is desired to reduce industrial waste. 60-65%, 90-95%, and 98% efficiencies available. Standard and custom sizes also available.

Aero Answer ® Wing-Pleat Med/High Efficiency High Airflow V-Bank
The Aero Answer ® Wing-Pleat is a medium/high efficiency V Bank filter with a service life up to three times longer than comparable products with the same depth. The media pack is easy to replace and both upstream and downstream replacements are available. Media packs may be incinerated after use reducing industrial waste. Pre-filters with 15 mm depths may be attached to the upstream face. The Aero Answer ® Wing-Pleat is available in 60-65%, 90-95%, 98% efficiencies and of course, custom sizes are available.

Aero-Answer ® Slim Med/High Efficiency Pleated Filter
Aero-Answer ® Slim is more than 75% thinner than our Aero-Answer ® filter. It is available in 60-65%, 90-95%, and 98% efficiencies. Standard and custom sizes available.