Products Used By Our Customers for Aerospace Applications

Absolute Filter THINFIL (Low Profile) Absolute Mini-Pleat HEPA Filter
The Absolute HEPA mini-pleat filter is space saving and lightweight. It is absolutely the best choice for cleanrooms and clean bench equipment. It is used in a variety of industries including semiconductor and microelectronics, pharmaceutical, bio-medical, research facilities, and food processing. Custom sizes are available.

Absolute Filter V Bank High Airflow Volume V Type Mini-pleat Filter
The Absolute Filter V Bank is Cambridge’s contribution to the energy efficient “Green” movement and offers extremely low pressure drop (1″ w.g. @ 2120 CFM versus 1.4″ w.g. for standard high capacity filters) for clean environments with high airflow needs, such as HVAC air handling equipment. Available in either HEPA or ULPA efficiency with Glass GIGA, GIGA Master or PTFE ULPA filter media. This filter replaces your existing high capacity, high pressure drop filter; no retro-fitting is required. The Absolute V Bank is setting the standard for high airflow applications with low energy consumption in super clean environments. Go V Bank = save $$$.

Absolute Filter Separator HEPA Filter Standard/High Airflow
Our separator-type Absolute Filter is used for clean environments with high airflow. It offers low pressure drop and low power consumption. The Absolute Filter separates itself from the competition. Standard and high airflow volume models are available. Custom sizes are also available.

Micretain Filter Separator (Sub-HEPA) Standard/L Type (High Airflow Volume)
The Micretain filter is 95% efficient at 0.3um with a pressure drop that is half that of standard HEPA filters. Available for both standard and high airflow applications. Standard and custom sizes are available.

ChemArrest ® Separator Type Separator-Type Activated Carbon Filter
CBL is the ChemArrest ® Series’ separator-type chemical filter. It is used for recirculation, make-up and return air handling, and in cleanroom and other sensitive manufacturing facilities. Low pressure drop models are available. Custom sizes are available.
Ceil-Flo ® Aluminum Housing Ducted Terminal Module
The Ceil-Flo ® is Cambridge’s Aluminum ducted terminal filter module. These are available with HEPA, ULPA or PTFE filters to meet your specific needs. These offer convenient room-side or top-side replaceable filter designs or as a disposable unit, as well as durable but light aluminum construction, and multiple size duct connections (8″, 10″ and 12″). The Ceil-Flo ® is easily integrated into new or existing ceiling grid systems. Standard and custom sizes available.